The RVIS Process

  • No Remittance Reports! Simply send us the Administrator copy of the contracts upon sale, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • RVIS is the only RV insurance agency that is on-line with the insurance companies. We do all data entry and upload your contracts in real time. This virtually eliminates in-transit claims.
  • Send no money! We will send your dealership an itemized invoice by the 15th of every month.
  • The invoice will be 100% accurate. We never bill you later for incorrect premiums or missed surcharges from months earlier. This puts an end to accounting nightmares and multiple GL entries.
  • Send one check for all F&I business!

RVIS Services

  • Expert F&I and best practices consulting
  • Menu sales design and training
  • Fully-staffed cancellation department for every RVIS product. Simply forward all cancellation calls to our office and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Forward all “heat” calls to us. We never make you be the middle-man if your customer ever experiences a problem with one of our products. We will work directly with your customer to quickly and efficiently resolve their problems.
  • Customized Advantage Club Card – RVIS will provide your dealership with a supply of cards customized with your dealership logo and web address. The back of the card lists all the phone numbers your customer will need to access the many services offered them. This card is proven to steer time-consuming phone calls away from your dealership staff and toward those best equipped to help your customer. Take a look at our customer card examples.