Tommy J. Watters, Jr. President

Tommy has more than 30 years as a proven visionary and leader in the RV Insurance business in all aspects of the trade, including sales, dealer development and management. He has a special devotion to policy development and improvement. He has made it his company’s mission to provide his customers the best service and products to ensure a long-term, stable and close knit partnership with all clients.

As the founder and President of RV Insurance Solutions, Tommy brings with him not only a wealth of hands on experience but also more than a decade of experience serving on the Board of Directors for the largest state RV Association, the Texas Recreational Vehicle Association. Throughout those years Tommy received among the highest awards for contributions to the RV industry: Outstanding Achievement Award, Lifetime Membership award in addition to serving on every level of this association from the local chapter level to the highest state level, President of TRVA.

This makes for a well rounded core of knowledge on every level: manufacturer, dealer and consumer. All of these have been a solid building block for Tommy’s reinvestment into the RV industry.

Tommy and his team members adhere steadfastly to the “treat others how you would want to be treated” philosophy, offering the highest quality customer service at all times. Simply put, RV Insurance Solutions was created out of the culmination of a lifelong dream to be solution oriented, efficient and consistently exceed customer expectations with no exceptions.

Seth Ballard

Seth brings almost a decade of RV Industry experience; with an intense focus on customer service.  Seth began his RV career in the retail segment of the industry.  A classic story of working from the bottom up has given Seth a grounded demeanor with the will to overcome any obstacle for him or his clients.

In 2008 Seth decided that his skills could excel in the RV Insurance business.  Natural talent along with RV Industry expertise has propelled Seth towards great success.

Seth spends his days training, cultivating, and marketing as he travels throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

“It is rare that a day goes by that I’m not receiving a compliment about Seth from a valued customer. Nothing equals the proof of a solid person quite like that! I continue to be very proud of Seth.”
-Tommy Watters, Jr., President, RV Insurance Solutions, LLC. and RVIS, LLC.

Sara Manning

Since 2009 Sara has become an expert in literally every department at RVIS and our sister companies.

Sara’s extra calm, honest, and positive demeanor makes her a “go to” key person at RVIS. Sara continues to excel in customer satisfaction! Currently Sara oversees renewals, claims, licensing, and underwriting for RVIS.

“I rely on very talented and trustworthy people when I make decisions at any level of my agency. To me, Sara fits that description and I’m proud to have someone like Sara Manning as part of my team.”
– Tommy Watters, Jr., President, RV Insurance Solutions, LLC. and RVIS, LLC.

 Stacey Lemond

Since 2011 Stacey has been spectacular at providing RV owners with superior coverage while ensuring every customer knows what they pay for.

Since RVIS has expanded into the Homeowners insurance market, that same diligence was adopted. There isn’t an insurance policy question that Stacey can’t research and provide an understandable answer to.

“Although policy expertise is priceless, I am extra proud that Stacey shows up each day with a warm heart and with a goal to help our customers understand what they pay for.”
– Tommy Watters, Jr., President, RV Insurance Solutions, LLC. and RVIS, LLC.

Tami Hopkins

When Tami joined RVIS, she hit the ground at a full sprint and hasn’t stopped! Currently Tami oversees underwriting, invoicing, claims, and rating.

Tami is always solution oriented and always driven to help people. Those are qualities that result in success in the independent insurance agency business.

“Since Tami’s first day, she has taken ownership in every task she’s ever touched. With the utmost pride it’s a joy to watch her grow with RVIS.”
– Tommy Watters, Jr., President, RV Insurance Solutions, LLC. and RVIS, LLC.

Austin Watters

Austin, a graduate from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has complete enthusiasm for the RV and RV Insurance industry!   This “fire in the belly” so to speak comes from a lifetime of camping and outdoor activities.  Austin has been RVing since he was a baby.   He also comes to RVIS with superior discipline both academically and athletically and now he rewards our clients on a daily basis with empathy, charm and a sincere drive to be the best at what he does.

Austin married his high school sweetheart in 2017, and they are now a growing family living up the road in Flower Mound.  They both share the love for the outdoors and the camping adventures together.   This routine past time makes Austin a very good asset to all of RVIS clientele.

While it’s Austin’s goal at RVIS to be multifaceted, his emphasis is on property and casualty.  Join me in congratulating Austin on continued success in the RV and RV insurance business.  After visiting with Austin, you’ll agree that he is an inspiration to our industry and to RVIS’ customer service.

– Tommy Watters, Jr., President, RV Insurance Solutions, LLC. and RVIS, LLC.

Sharon Escobar

“In 2005 I walked into Frost Bank to develop a banking relationship,” said Tommy Watters, RVIS President.

Sharon was the first person he met.  She was among the most welcoming and helpful person he can remember, noting “One day, I hope to hire that wonderful person!”

At the end of 2019, Sharon joined RVIS.  Sharon brings many unique customer service skills to RVIS including F&I support, physical damage support, and incredible problem-solving skills.  Sharon’s skills are a perfect fit for a company named RV Insurance Solutions.