Why Does RV Insurance Solutions

and RVCare Support

The Wounded Warrior Project?

  • Wounded Warrior Service Excellence Scholar Program—Offers severely-injured veterans a stipend for living expenses during college while helping other injured service members.
  • Two-day “Coping with Combat Stress” Seminars—Help disabled and able-bodied service members deal with the effects of combat stress while reintegrating into civilian life.
  • Warriors to Work—Finds occupational direction and possible employment based on injured service members’ skill set, interests, and employment opportunities.
  • Backpack Program—Provides comfort items in male and female versions as the severely wounded arrive at military trauma centers in the United States.
  • WWP Benefits Counselors—Counselors identify government benefits and services for patients in their communities and to re-enter civilian life.
  • Wounded Warrior Disabled Sports Project—Offers snow skiing, water skiing, canoeing, golf, cycling, and rock climbing to injured service members and their families, helping develop a positive self-image and outlook and combat depression and alienation.
  • WWP Outdoors—Allows veterans to be outdoors and active while hunting, fishing, shooting, camping, and boating, so they build friendships and have a feeling of empowerment in their healing process.
  • WWP Alumni—Provides assistance, communication, and camaraderie. WWP’s policy and advocacy program monitors, creates, and pursues legislative and policy changes to benefit active duty service members and disabled veterans of current military conflicts

RVIS Wounded Warrior Project Certificate

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